Smart Visual Analytics Tool

NFG Innovation Award 2014

Investigating fraud using many complex datasets is
no longer a problem. SVAT provides user-friendly,
cost-effective visualization of links and flows between
subjects, and quickly gives you the big picture.

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NFG Innovation Award 2014

Uncover the truth

Visualize your investigation and discover hidden connections between subjects.

Put big data to work

Use any source you want: XLS, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, H2, PostgreSQL, and many others.

Use social networks

Take advantage of data sources coming in from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

About SVAT

How can SVAT help you with your investigation?

Upload data – Visualize it – Filter, highlight or add more – Solve your case

Advanced Timeline

Time is an important element in any investigation. A chronological overview of the visualized dataset is crucial in many cases. SVAT provides two different timeline views with a lot of options to choose from.

  • Simple selection of specific periods
  • Step-by-step animation of chronological order
  • Freely combinable with other functions
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Advanced Timeline in detail

Time Analysis

The timeline is directly linked to your visualization. Selections made within the timeline influence how the graph looks and vice versa.

Event Density

The Event Density function allows you to use a different type of timeline which shows the density of any given set of events in specific time periods.

Custom Filters

The customization of your timeline is not limited to specific periods. You can easily define only a set of objects used in your timeline investigation.

Social Networks Analysis

Understanding social networks is the key to many investigations. Social Network Analysis is widely used in the fight against terrorism and organized crime. It allows you to understand complicated networks of suspects.

  • Intuitive interface for non-technical investigators
  • User-friendly metrics and discovery options
  • Synoptic graph reports and highlights
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Social Networks Analysis in detail

Advanced Metrics

Social Network Analysis allows you to explore connections between objects using advanced metrics like Erdös Number, Eigenvector or Eccentricity.

Smart Connections

Objects are connected in both synoptic and responsive graphs. The results of your analysis are easy to customize by simply dragging & dropping with your mouse.

Rapid Focus

Navigating large graphs can be an issue. That’s why SNA’s results are quickly selectable and properly highlighted, so it is easy to understand even complicated structures.

Text Mining

Sometimes it is necessary to let data talk. SVAT mines data from structured or unstructured sources and crunches them to reveal hidden patterns. You can just add any document and get results within seconds.

  • Ready for documents, pictures or PDFs
  • Simple few-click guide
  • Templates for future task automation
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Text Mining in detail

Sharp Recognition

Unstructured scanned documents are no problem. The Text mining function can recognize even hard-to-read word strings in really messy documents.


SVAT is ready for a wide range of different files, whether they are documents and spreadsheets from Microsoft Office, complicated PDFs, or just simple pictures processed by OCR.

Quick Preview

Focusing on a specific object is simple and quick. You can also freely move your objects within your graph to have the exact level of control you need.

Visual Search

Searching for a specific pattern in a big data set used to be almost impossible. With SVAT, you can define your own pattern in a graphic interface and then search for it in your visualization.

  • Easy perceptive search
  • Complete control over your visualization
  • Much faster than old-school methods
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Visual Search in detail

Custom Search Patterns

Just drag & drop all objects of interest together, draw connections between them and then search for the same pattern throughout the whole visualization.

Time Search

Visual Search can easily be combined with Advanced Timeline. Explore new possibilities by limiting specifically which time period you are interested in.

Countless Data Sources

The sky’s the limit. You can easily upload various data sources, a few new ones being introduced each month. Our team is keeping SVAT up-to-date with customer’s needs.

Use cases

Use cases

Insurance Fraud Investigation


A Major Insurance Company


SVAT helps employees from a major insurance company investigate fraud. It enables them to combine data into one synoptic visualization where not only can they find ongoing fraud, but they can also identify typical patterns which are then included in customer screening solutions to prevent fraud in the future. No type of data is a problem: let it be old-school databases, documents or pictures.

Online Banking Security


A Major Bank


One of the key features of SVAT is swift analysis and fast reporting. When a cyber attack hits an online banking system, cyber security specialists take care of it and then get a lot of data about attackers, victims, transactions and flows. SVAT allows specialists to analyze the data and quickly generate reports for supervisors or law-enforcement agencies, which can be used immediately following the investigation.

Loan Fraud Prevention


A Major Bank


SVAT allows fraud sharks to investigate and prevent loan fraud. Being able to connect data from sources like business, bankruptcy and insolvency registers, and companies’ internal notes, is invaluable in these types of cases. Classic manual investigation would often be needed, but that would take too long and cost a ton of money. SVAT helps investigators visualize all the data together and recognize fraud patterns among subjects, accounts and money flows.

Uncovering Corruption


A Non-Governmental Organization


NGOs often serve as watchdogs of democracy, focusing on dirty connections between the government and the private sector. Sometimes it is possible to uncover a conspiracy simply by putting all the open data together and seeing what pops out. Making use of leaked or confidential data is also no problem at all. It is possible to combine leaked or confidential data with open data and uncover the truth behind the curtains.

Organized Crime Investigation


A Law-Enforcement Agency


Complicated criminal cases are often visualized using old-school methods like white boards, low quality prints, and colored magnets and thread. SVAT provides an easy solution for visualizing much larger datasets from different sources. It also does not matter if the data is structured or not. Putting together data from money flows, phone calls, printed materials and social networks is no longer a problem. Social Network Analysis tool helps literally to “put faces on the money”.

Bitcoin Fraud Investigation


A Law-Enforcement Agency


Bitcoin is a relatively new currency, but it has already had its share of scandals and other issues. By connecting to API, SVAT can help users investigate money laundering and fraud involving Bitcoin. Specialized cyber crime units are able to analyze Bitcoin flows from one wallet to another, add other data from external sources and report the results. Investigators don’t have to worry about the number of objects, because SVAT can visualize thousands of objects in a matter of seconds.

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